Frequently Asked Questions

At eRefunds, we are focused on providing excellent customer service that involves keeping you informed at every stage of the process, from application to settlement.​

You can browse the frequently asked questions below for some helpful answers to support you through the process. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our financial experts are readily available to help answer any of your questions

Although each claim timeline can vary, once you have completed the application for your claim you can usually expect to wait between 1-4 months before you receive your refund.

We will review all the information you provide us to establish whether you have a claim or not. If you are eligible, we will use the facts and details you have provided to issue a claim on your behalf.



If your loan is still active, your refund will likely be credited back to your loan, which will reduce your loan amount. 

If your loan is finished, the financier or Insurance company will either credit you back directly to your nominated bank account, or a cheque will be issued to you, for the total refund due.

On some occasions the financier or Insurance company will pay eRefunds directly and we will then issue your refund to you.

1. Sign up and register your application with eRefunds.

2. Sign and return all the eRefund documents, which includes any relevant finance documents and insurance policies that support your application. 

3. eRefunds will then confirm whether you might be eligible to receive a refund.

4. Then just relax while we deal with the financial institutions on your behalf.

eRefunds accepts any contract or document that supports your refund claim. This might include a copy of a personal loan, a car loan or a mortgage loan, as well as the bank statement(s) reflecting payments towards these loans, or a copy of your credit card contract and any statements that further support your claim.

You could also include any other documents from your financier or Insurance company that you think may be of interest. 

If you have misplaced any of your documents, you can request a copy of your finance documents or bank statements from your financier or Insurance company.

As soon as eRefunds have validated your claim and found you to be eligible, your refund could range between approximately $100 and $10,000! The refund amount will depend on the amount of time the policy has been running and the number of add-ons connected to the policy.

eRefunds’ fee for service is 30% of the total refund obtained plus GST. Our services include the swift and effective management of your potential refund claim throughout the process, starting with receiving confirmation of your total refund owed, and then securing you the maximum refund amount. In the case where no refund is owed, there is no fee.

As one of the largest REFUND claims management companies in Australia eRefunds is backed by years of experience. We are aware of exactly what consumers are owed and we’ll fight to get you the money you rightfully deserve!

Consumer credit insurance is often sold alongside an application for a mortgage, a credit card or a personal loan. It is supposed to provide cover in circumstances where you are unable to pay off your debt due to extreme situations such as a death in the family, involuntary employment or permanent disability.

While CCI may also provide additional coverage, including cases of fraud or travel protection, many claims are either not granted or already covered by other types of insurance. If you’ve been pushed into accepting CCI add-ons in the last 10 years, our experts are on hand to get you the refund you deserve. Contact us today and discover how much you are owed.

Loan protection insurance is regularly sold alongside loan applications and is intended to cover you in unforeseen circumstances that mean you suddenly cannot afford the monthly costs. If you lose your job or become ill, LPI is meant to help you to avoid financial difficulties repaying your loans.

Although LPI has its benefits, be wary of the fact that many policies fail to cover the full cost of the outstanding debt and consider that in some cases your instalments may be discontinued after a certain amount of time. Always think twice before agreeing to accept LPI. If  you have unknowingly agreed to take out loan protection insurance, contact our readily available team to reclaim your rightful money today.

Tyre and rim insurance are frequently offered by car dealers with the intention of covering the costs of damage to your vehicle’s wheels. It’s important to realise that TRI is sold in addition to car insurance and that, although it covers issues such as debris or pothole damage, it doesn’t include a tyre’s normal wear and tear.

Before accepting TRI, consider whether replacing your tyres and rims from time to time may end up being cheaper. But if you are one of the millions of people that may have inadvertently been mis-sold or pressured into accepting TRI within the last 10 years, reach out to one of our experts. Let us handle your refund claim today.

A warranty is a kind of guarantee on the performance of a product. If there is a problem with the merchandise you have purchased, you can get it repaired or exchanged for a limited duration. Customers can also buy an extended warranty for more coverage, a longer time frame for repairs, and extra peace of mind.

Having a warranty with a product can also increase its value (especially when reselling an item), but there are some limitations with warranties. For instance, if it is evidenced that a customer explicitly destroyed a product, they may not receive a replacement in return. If you believe you’ve been mis-sold a warranty policy, reach out to our experts and let us handle the refund you deserve.

If at any stage you’re not satisfied with something, please send an email to outlining the issue and we will do everything in our power to rectify it.

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