Find out if your loan provider owes you up to $10,000.

We all know how quick companies are to take action when we owe them money, right? Well, now the shoe’s on the other foot. Your loan provider could owe you money, so you should act equally swiftly to get it back. Let’s explain.

ASIC—they’re the Australian Securities and Investment Commission—have taken action against insurers for mis-selling repayment protection insurance, chiefly for:

• Mortgages

• Car Loans 

• Credit Cards

• Warranties

• Other types of loan

If you’ve taken out any of these within the last 10 years AND were sold consumer credit insurance or loan protection insurance with them, you could be due a refund of $100 – $10,000.

Why you should claim

These companies would not let you get away with it if you owed them a cent, would they? So don’t let them get away with wrongfully taking money from you. It’s your money. They owe you. And while you’re free to chase them up to get your money back yourself, eRefunds is here to take the hassle and stress out of dealing with these companies.

The basic criteria you’ll need to meet to have a chance of getting a refund is:

• Your loan was taken out on or after 2010

• You were sold repayment insurance with the loan

• You can produce (at the very least) the name of the finance provider and the account number of your loan.

How to get the ball rolling

We’ve made it easy to see if you could be owed a refund. It just takes a few seconds to answer our Quick Qualifier Questionnaire. If it shows you’re eligible, we’ll process your claim for you and work with the banks and financial institutions on your behalf, to get you the maximum refund. Sound like a plan? Start the process by signing up.

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